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Introducing Doge Dealer. Bringing referrals to the blockchain.

Introducing the first-ever token with built-in instant referral rewards and a unique referral train system - introducing The Doge Dealer!
Holders of $DogeDealer also benefit from an automatic passive reward system - dealt out in any token of their choice every 60 minutes!
Learn more about our referrals, leaderboard competitions, and our advanced dashboard below!


Referrals & DogeDealer

DogeDealer is a first-of-its-kind token. By implementing a "referral train" system, $DogeDealer has the capacity to expand well into the masses for mainstream adoption. Share your link, get rewarded. It's that simple.
If you refer someone who in turn refers more people, you will also get a bonus! This tree extends three "branches" deep - meaning if the people you are referring are also referring people, you will be greatly rewarded! There is also a daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard to compete on - all fully automated with our one-of-a-kind contract!

Users that accept a referral will also pay 5% LESS TAX on each buy order they place!

Dealer Dashboard Whitepaper

Earnings & DogeDealer

Along with our innovative referral system, $DogeDealer implements a passive reward system to all holders! Even if you don't refer anyone, just by holding $DogeDealer, you are eligible for automatic reward payouts every 60 minutes! Choose from a wide selection of different reward coins in our advanced dashboard, and vote on which coins we should add next in our voting events!

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Total worth so far of payout rewards in both referrals and passive earnings!




The Doge Dealer implements unique tokenomics to support his revolutionary referral system!
Users who accept a referral link get a discount on fees (from 16% to 11% total)!

8% to Referrers

On each purchase of $DogeDealer, 8% is distributed instantly to the people who referred that user. Simplified, it works like: 5% goes to the primary, 2.5% to the secondary, and 0.5% to the tertiary referrer in their referral train. More details in the Whitepaper.

3% to Earn Rewards [1% if Referred]

1%-3% of every transaction is directly added to the passive reward pool, and is paid out to users after being converted to their token of choice! This fee is 11% on sales. Also, if a referral tree is not filled out, excess tokens are added to this pool!

2% to Liquidity [1% if Referred]

1%-2% of every transaction is added to the $DogeDealer PancakeSwap liquidity pool, growing the stability of the token and attracting bigger buyers!

3% to Marketing [1% if Referred]

The Doge Dealer receives 1%-3% of all transactions to help market the $DogeDealer token and brand as much as possible!



  • Develop Smart Contract
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Launch on August 18th @ 17:00 UTC
  • CG/CMC Fast-Tracked Listings
  • NYC Billboard Booked
  • Celebrity Onboarding


  • Exchange Listings
  • Doge-Givingz Event
  • Massive Marketing Push


  • Burn Event
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Utility Sneak-Peak
  • Updated Roadmap

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Introducing the first-ever token with built-in instant referral rewards,
a referral train system, and passive earn-anything rewards.